Teeth Whitening

If you don't smile as much because your teeth have become discolored, dingy, or stained, teeth whitening can get you smiling again. Teeth whitening can be performed to provide you with overall whiter, brighter teeth, or if one tooth is discolored, a more consistent color. There are various teeth or tooth whitening procedures, and your specific needs should be considered when consulting with your dentist. At Dr. Simel's office, we are committed to providing the latest in cosmetic dentistry services. That's why we offer the most advanced teeth whitening technology available. The process uses the "Zoom" technology as seen on the TV show "Extreme Makeover", and takes about an hour. It's safe and fast, and you will see dramatic results immediately. The other option is the popular and price effective "Take home" custom made trays and bleaching kit. The results will last for years.